The ashram: a good way to find inner peace?

The ashram: a good way to find inner peace?

Traditionally, an ashram is the home of a spiritual master or teacher. He lives there in is family. An Ashram is a place for a spiritual retreat. Thus, it is designed for spiritual journeyers to find guidance and spiritual wisdom. Ashrams are not comfortable tourist resorts for vacation where you can have fun and escape from the daily routines.

In contrast, it is a place to take a break from worldly pursuits and for spiritual development. Spiritual individuals in India often go to Ashrams in order to attain inner tranquility and boost spirituality. In this article, let us discover the reasons why an ashram can help discover inner peace.

Enjoy the simple values in life promotes mind tranquility

An ashram is not a place to find perfection or comfort. In contrast, it is a simple home, with just the basic needs of everyday life. 

  • It consists of a dormitory with a single bed, although some may have a double bedroom. Internet connection is not available. 
  • The diet at an ashram is based on vegetables to promote health for both body and mind. Yet, an ashram is not restricted to spiritual Indians; it is open for anyone who is seeking inner tranquility. 
  • People nowadays have become too dependent on modern equipment and tools, which prevent them from becoming spiritual beings. By freeing yourself from the trap of technology and comfort, it is possible to regain peace of mind and peace.

By enjoying the simple values in life, it is possible the find inner tranquility at an ashram.

Healthy diet promotes inner peace

At an ashram, you can eat healthily and free your body from meat and other products from animals. Meat consumption is associated with high risk of colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Chicken, eggs may raise your cholesterol level and deteriorates health. Yet, an ashram is the place to eat healthily. It might be challenging at first to feed mainly on green leaves, vegetables and fresh products.

However, adopting a different diet helps detox the body from the negative impacts of meat ingestion. In addition to promoting physical well-being, a vegetarian diet enhances good heart health, and increased emotional and spiritual levels. Besides, neither alcohol, nor caffeine are included in the diet at an ashram. Healthy eating is another factor to inner peace.

An ashram is a peaceful place for meditation

An ashram is the place to be connected entirely with your inner self. The place is not equipped with neither TV set nor radio set. Cell phone networks and internet are not accessible. Thus, you are free from the distraction of the mass media and the social network during your stay at an ashram. It is a place where you can attain inner peace because silence and tranquility reign.

An ashram boosts spirituality

Spending some time at an ashram boosts spirituality and hope especially if you have lived in depression. It is the place to meet new people, who have similar goals. Some used to indulge in immorality and in alcohol or drug addiction.

However, after spending some time at an ashram, they have regained their inner tranquility and become spiritual individuals. Feeling that you are not alone in the journey to inner peace, you can raise optimism and hope for serenity.

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